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Big Battles Complete DVD Set
Big Battles Complete DVD Set World War II was the greatest rampage of destruction in the history of humanity - or inhumanity. Over a period of six years, 1939 to 1945, more than 50 million human beings died by violence, disease, exposure, or starvation, as a direct result of the war. In The Big Battles you'll see newsreel and combat footage combined with latter-day interviews with military personnel who experienced the war first-hand. The Big Battles boxset contains all five DVD Volumes in the series. Each volume contains three 50-minute episodes, with each episode depicting a separate campaign of this most horrible of wars. Over 750 minutes of incredible history has been preserved in digital quality! 5 - DVD-9 disc boxset, Dolby Digital -Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 750 minutes, B/W, 1939 TO 1945
$ 49.98
Big Battles of WWII Volume 1
Big Battles of WWII Volume 1 Volume #1 contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of France - Blitzkrieg, Battle of France - Defeat, Battle of Britain. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 150 minutes, B/W
$ 18
Big Battles of WWII Volume 2
Big Battles of WWII Volume 2 Volume #2 contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of the Pacific - The Rising Sun, Battle of the Desert. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 150 minutes, B/W
$ 18
Big Battles of WWII Volume 3
Big Battles of WWII Volume 3 Volume #3 contains the following battle/episodes: Battle over Europe, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 150 minutes, B/W
$ 18
Big Battles of WWII Volume 4
Big Battles of WWII Volume 4 Volume #4 contains the following battles/episodes: Battle of Normandy, Battle of Italy, Battle of Germany. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 150 minutes, B/W
$ 18
Big Battles of WWII Volume 5
Big Battles of WWII Volume 5 Volume #5 contains the following battles/episodes: Battles of Berlin - The Russians are Coming, Battle of Berlin - Death of a City, Battle of the Pacific - The Setting Sun. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono, Chapter Selection, Full Frame. 150 minutes, B/W
$ 18
Combat Camera - the Pacific
Combat Camera - the Pacific Directed by: Budd Boetticher. A special compilation of original uncensored and digitally restorednewsreels from Movietone News, Universal Newsreel and the U.S. Navy exactly as shown to audiences in movie theaters across the country. MIDWAY AND CORAL SEA BATTLES, FURY IN THE PACIFIC (TARAWA), YANKS INVADE MARSHALL ISLANDS, YANKS SMASH TRUK, MOVIETONEWS (BIAK/SAIPAN BATTLES). BATTLE OF PHILIPPINES, ALLIED CHIEFS MEET, U.S. MARINES CAPTURE TARAWA, BATTLE OF IWO JIMA, IWO JIMA (BONDS), MACARTHUR LIBERATES MANILA, IWO JIMA, BUY WAR BONS-IWO JIMA, IWO JIMA, FLEET THAT CAME TO STAY (OKINAWA)- SALUTE TO THE NAVY, JAPAN'S SURRENDER, plus war bond trailers and more! Directed by: Budd Boetticher. Special Features: America's Call to Arms (8 mins), This Could be America (3 mins), U.S Fighting Marines (8 mins), Iwo Jima (War Bond Trailer) (3 mins), Total time: 150 minutes, B&W, 2001
$ 18.99
Beyond Barbed Wire, DVD
Beyond Barbed Wire, DVD Beyond Barbed Wire is an emotionally charged telling of a bizarre moment in Americas history. The stories, poignant and humorous, recount the struggle that the offspring of interned Japanese Americans faced when they fought for America in WWII, as the Armys newly formed 442nd Division  the most highly decorated division in the Armys history.

Special Features: Scene Selection. Includes as bonus GO FOR BROKE! starring Van Johnson, the complete 1951 Hollywood feature film based on true-life events covered in the documentary bonus short subjects: Go For Broke! -- the short subject that inspired the feature film, and two studies of the internment camps -- Japanese Relocation and Challenge to Democracy. DVD-9, Dolby Digital - Mono. 225 minutes, COLOR & B/W, Rated NR, 1997. Narrated by NORIYUKI PAT MORITA Directed by: STEVE ROSEN A remarkably moving film. --Paul Malcolm, LA WEEKLY
$ 22
Great Generals of History, DVD
This highly engaging two-part documentary series profiles some of America's greatest generals of the 20th Century. Each program features vintage motion pictures and seldom seen still photographs culled from family files, museums, the military, newsreels and narrated by the likes of Ronald Reagan, Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, Lorne Greene and Walter Matthau. Volume 1 profiles the following Generals: DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, OMAR N. BRADLEY and JOHN J. PERSHING. Volume 2 profiles: HENRY H. HAP ARNOLD, JOSEPH STILWELL, GEORGE C. MARSHALL and GEORGE S. PATTON. These special edition DVDs also include over 190 minutes of special features including 13 bonus vintage WWII shorts.
Special Features:Scene Selection WWII Postcard Gallery, Trailers, Bonus Shorts. MOVIES AT WAR (1944), AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A JEEP (1943), IN THE WAKE OF THE ARMIES (1946), CONQUER BY THE CLOCK (1942), GRACIAS AMIGOS (c1944), AIR RAID WARNING (c1942), OUR JOB IN JAPAN (1946), SOLDIERS IN GREASEPAINT (c1958), THE FIGHTING FIRST (c1945), WOMEN IN DEFENSE (1941), SEEDS OF DESTINY (1946), YOUR JOB IN GERMANY (1945) and PARIS 1945 (1945) DVD-9, Dolby Digital Mono, Full Frame. 224 minutes, B/W & COLOROLOR, 2001
$ 54
MEIN KAMPF - Story of Nazi Germany
MEIN KAMPF - Story of Nazi Germany Narrated by CLAUDE STEPHENSON. Directed by: ERWIN LEISER.
Mein Kampf contains authentic WWII, German footage of the Warsaw horrors uncovered in the secrest archives fo the SS Elite guard. It historically documents Hitler's inhumane policies by using still photos, newspaper excerpts, newsreel footage and tells the naked truth of how the world shamefully stood by and did too little, too late. Graphically, it cries out a Nazi Germany which took 13 million lives, and trampled over the human spiritwith unspeakable cruelty while the world watched The second documentay simply titled Adolf Hitler contains news reel footage and chronicles the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany, leader of the Nazi Party and principal architect of World War II. 117 minutes, B/W, 1961.
$ 22.99
December 7th, DVD
John Ford's DECEMBER 7th: THE PEARL HARBOR STORY, was banned by the U.S. Government for nearly fifty years. This special edition is now available; presenting the fully restored 84-minute version, with subtitles added to the controversial Japanese language sequences and a special behind the scene introduction. (A completely censored 34-minute version of the film was released and earned John Ford his fourth Academy Award.) This full-length version stars Walter Huston as Uncle Sam and is set in Honolulu on the day before the Japanese attack. Uncle Sam vacations complacently in Hawaii, concerned with the on-going war in Europe. On Sunday morning, December 7th, air squadrons appear, swooping down like flights of tiny locust. The attack on Pearl Harbor, America's first battle of World War II, is vividly illustrated as only Hollywood can do. Special Features: Universal Newsreel: Pearl Harbor first films! Movietone News Extra!: First actual battle films Includes comments by Al Brick- the Movietone cameraman who filmed the footage Japan's Reaction!: When this uncensored version was first shown in Japan in 1995 it was treated as a major news story. See the actual newscast.
Full commentary by four actual Pearl Harbor survivors! Learn the inside story on how the un-cut version of December 7th was made and why the U.S. Government kept it classified and away from public view for decades Compare the cut and uncensored versions Feature has English subtitles for the deal and hearing impaired Frank Capra's infamous KNOW YOUR ENEMY: JAPAN (1945) 62 minutes. Produced for the U.S. Army, this propaganda piece is a combination of authentic newsreels, captured enemy films, scenes from Japanese feature films, plus re-enactments filmed in Hollywood 104 minutes, B/W, 2001.
$ 17.80