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Big Dice
Price: $24.88

The classic dice game adapted for outdoor fun!
XL Yatzy is perfect for indoors or out!
Comes with five oversized dice and a game card.

Take your favorite dice game outside! Each player rolls the dice three times on their turn to try to get as many categorized combinations as possible. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

Ages 7+. From Finland.


Tangram Race
Price: $26.88

The classic piecpieceses in a new puzzle race!

Tangram is a classic seven-piece dissection puzzle from China. Pick a task card randomly and try to form the shape shown in the card. The first player to do so gets the card, and the first player to collect five task cards, wins the game! 2-4 players. Ages 6+.

From Finland.





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