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We carry three volumes of charleston DVDs. All three are produced and danced by professional dancers and are very popular...

From Partner Charleston to Lindy Charleston with Marcus Koch and Bärbl Käufer

Charleston! The long charleston instructional dvd will take you from the 1920s charleston up to the long-legged charleston! Learn so many moves from this dvd! Just as it says—learn great charleston moves! You’ll LOVE this very original tape. Jam packed with many moves from Marcus and Bärbl! On this video Marcus & Bärbl will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about Charleston. As music changed in the 20s and 30s, Lindy Hop developed out of the Charleston, and Charleston moves became an essential part of Lindy Hop.

Maybe the high-energy flashy steps of Charleston first attracted you to Lindy Hop, or perhaps you want to increase the variety of your dancing. Master these kicks and your Lindy Hop will never look the same.

Starting with 20s Partner Charleston you will follow up the path to the fun Charleston moves in Lindy Hop. The Partner Charleston section doesn’t require any prior knowledge, but to benefit from the Lindy Charleston moves you should have a foundation in Lindy Hop.

Marcus & Bärbl provide a good foundation and feeling for the dance. Every step is broken down and explained. Marcus & Bärbl emphasize lead and follow for each step so that you won’t kick anybody on the dance floor. You can be comfortable and have fun.

All of the steps in the World of Swing series are demonstrated to great music that makes your feet wanna move. As a bonus you can see Marcus & Bärbl jamming together with other great swing dancers after the instructional section of the videos.

Partner Charleston: Single/Double/Triple Time Basic, Leading, Basic With Kicks, Side Touches, Turn Around In Basic, Turn Around To Open Position, Crazy Knees & Windmill, Break Away, Break Stop. Lindy Charleston: Lindy Charleston Basic, Back Charleston, Entrance And Exit For Back Charleston, Variations On Entrance And Exit, Cross Charleston, Freeze, Traveling Charleston, Turn Around Charleston, Layout Charleston, Side Charleston, Long Legged Charleston, (Around the World), Squat Charleston, Flying Charleston, Jump Charleston, Passing At Side, Under Arm Jump.

VHS, NTSC, 106 minutes.

Charleston, Marcus/Bärbl DVD
Price: $25.95

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Volume 2!

Charleston 2, DVD
Price: $35.95

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