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Swing Dance & Big Band

Zig Zag Routine.

"Zig Zag Routine"
Taught by Sam Weber

Tap Level: Intermediate and up

Coles and Atkins were the quintessential "Class Act," setting the standard for elegance in the world of tap dance.

Their most outstanding number was their "Slow Soft Shoe." What set their dance apart from others was the seemingly perilous slowness of it. Each step was executed in graceful symmetry that was absolutely breathtaking.

Never before had such precision and style been brought to this tempo of soft shoe, and the Coles & Atkins "Slow Soft Shoe" became a favorite world-wide.

Now you can learn this dance - taught by tap dance master Sam Weber.

Rusty Frank Zig Zag Routine DVD
Price: $30.95

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible



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