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Swing Dance & Big Band

Swing Fever Tap Routine for Beginners.

Swing Fever

Back in 1996, Rusty was asked to create a beginner tap routine for swing dancers. She was given one hour to teach the class... (and remember, they were non-tap dancers!). Rusty came up with a routine that has proven to be a real winner ever since.

The song, "Swing Fever," is by Bill Elliott, who composed and arranged some of the most exciting new music to hit the new era of swing.

The dance is comprised of basic tap steps and some easy and fun swing movement (Truckin' and Lindy Charleston kicks). It is a routine to get new dancers moving with greater style and energy.

Great for dance teachers to get their students dancing right from the get go.


Rusty Frank Swing Fever
Beginning Tap Dance Routine DVD

Price: $30.95

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible


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