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Swing Dance & Big Band

Legends of Swing taught by Steve Zee


Lesson with Jean & Ray: Rusty & Ron discover the highlights of Jean & Rays moves and styling and break it all down for you.

Interview: Rusty interviews Jean & Ray about their lives on and off the dance floor.

Extras: Youll find loads of extras, including a photo montage, classic movie moments, and more.

Since the 1940s, Jean and her little brother Ray have been the toast of the swing dance world. Their style, class, and personalities have endeared them to generations of dancers.

Jean & Ray were top competitors on the dance floors of Los Angeles during the Golden Era of Swing. While Ray was serving in WWII, Jean Veloz was featured in several motion pictures, including the classics Swing Fever and Groovie Movie (the Lindy Hoppers bible).

Rediscovered by a whole new generation of dancers in the swing resurgence of the 1990s, they sit high atop that swing pedestal right where they belong.

Internationally acclaimed Lindy Hop instructors, choreographers, and performers, Rusty and Ron have been teaching together since 2003. At Rustys school, Lindy By The Sea, they developed The Track Series - Essentials for the Enthusiastic Lindy Hopper and produced the 6 DVD Series of this curriculum.

Taught by Steve Zee

Tap Level: Beginner-Advanced

This DVD covers the most basic, need to know music concepts for dancers. You'll learn all about 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, triplets, 1/16 notes, straight vs. swinging, bars, phrases, 32 Bar and Blues Choruses.

Steve Zee breaks down all these musical concepts in a clear, concise, and enjoyable fashion, and then follows each with a simple tap exercise for you to practice.

Whether you are a tap instructor or a brand new tap student, soon you'll be able to:

- Learn more quickly
- Have a deeper understanding of music
- Speak to musicians in their own language
- Teach more precisely
- Choreograph with greater skill

Legends of Swing DVD

Price: $30.95

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible


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