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Tap Dance Made Easy
with Eli Newsom

Tap Dance Made Easy, DVD for dancers to learn tap at home! Eli Newsome!

Tap Dance Made Easy

A New DVD with Eli Newsom for dancers and non-dancers alike!

No experience required!!

Tap Dance Made Easy DVD
Price: $24.95

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes
DVD NTSC format (no country code restrictions)

Learn the Basics of Tap in the comfort of your own home.

Tap Dance Made Easy DVD gives you the chance to learn tap dancing the easy way – by hoofing it in the comfort of your own home, garage, classroom, or anywhere else you want to practice! Professional tap dancer Eli Newsom has created an instructional DVD that's perfect for everyone, whether you have previous dance training or not. Teaching is complete and slowly broken down with emphasis on correct technique and body placement, explained in accurate musical counts, and repeated several times with equal attention to both the right and left feet. The DVD can be used over and over again – you'll improve with each viewing.

Special DVD features:
Two camera angles: from the back, as if in a class, and from the side, showing a close-up of the instructor's feet.

Subtitle Feature: On-screen display of the musical counts.

Three Sections:

Learn the (1) Basics,
implement them into (2) Exercises,
and learn a (3) Combination, incorporating everything taught in the video!

Level 1 - Basic includes:

Step Heel
Ball Change
Hop / Leap
Hop Step
Shuffle Ball Change
Flap Ball Change
Stamp / Stomp
Waltz Clog
Flap Shuffle Hop
and more!

Tap Dance Made Easy DVD
Price: $24.95

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes
DVD NTSC format (no country code restrictions)

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