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Swing Dance & Big Band


Rusty Frank, Leonard Reed, The Shim Sham (Lindy Hop Instruction, Tap Dance Instruction, Tap versions of Leonard Reed's Shim Sham and much more!)

Joel & Alison Plys, Vintage routines/dances such as Tranky Doo, the Madison, the Big Apple, and the Shim Sham

Tap Dance (Eli Newsom's Tap Dance Made Easy, Rusty Frank's preservation and teaching of original 1920s and 1930s tap routines in her "Tappin' with the Masters Series")

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Merchandise (License Plate Frame, Oval Sticker (tshirts and visor to come))

Dance and Shine Merchandise (License Plate Frame, Oval Sticker, Tshirt, and more to come)

Learn the Charleston with Professional Dancers

*Please provide shirt size (S-XL) in the comments section when you check out. 100% cotton, t-shirt. No other free items apply. Thank you!

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