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2004 & 2005 Winner of the Top Plush Toy & Kids' Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. Nominated in 2005 for 2 Golden Teddy Awards by Teddy Bear Review Magazine. No longer manufactured.

Koala (Kazoo left)
Panda Dogs

Taffy, Simply Irresistible Small Plush Bear Toy, not like the teddy bears from earlier! These are so soft! From Second Nature Design!
TAFFY the Black Bear
(Simply Irresistible #21102)
6" High
Price: $4.95

Out of Stock

CHARCOAL the Black Bear, Stuffed, So Plush and Soft by Second Nature Design
CHARCOAL the Black Bear
(2006 Simply Irresistible #21215)
25" Long
Price: $27.50
Out of Stock

DOMINO 2006 #21217,  Plush, Tan Bear

Domino, Tall Black Bear
(2006 Simply Irresistible #21217)
48" Long
Our Price: $74.50
Retail Price: $79.00
Out of Stock

21233 Ebony, Teddy Bear, Stuffed Black Plush Bear by Second Nature Design
(SND #21233)
20" Long
Our Price: $21.50
Out of Stock

SI21237-BOGIE Simply Irresistible Stuffed Black Bear

BOGIE the Plush Bear
(Simply Irresistible #21237)
26" Long
Our Price: $28.50
Out of Stock

MIDNIGHT, Beautiful Black Stuffed Toy!

(SND #21281)
14" Long
Our Price: $14.50
Out of Stock


21511 Truffle, Simply Irresistible Black Plush Toy Bear. Not like the old stuffed teddy bears! By Second Nature Design

(SND #21511)
12" Long
Our Price: $10.95
Out of Stock

21213, Licorice by Second Nature Design, Plush, Stuffed Teddy Bear

the Simply Irresistible Bear
(SND #21213)
Our Price: $16.95
Out of Stock

21219, BlackJack, Simply Irresistible Teddy Bear, So soft!

the Simply Irresistible Bear
(SND #21219)
32" Long
Our Price: $39.95
Retail: $45.00
Out of Stock