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Quarry Critters

Quarry Critters are made of a unique material that is a faux granite and resin blend. It is cool and smooth to the touch and simulates real stone. that took Don Thomas, Second Nature Design’s founder, two years to develop. The look is of polished granite, but they are not as heavy or as expensive. They have pads on the bottoms to prevent scratching, have the Second Nature Design stamp on the bottom, and most come with a certificate.

The original idea for the Quarry project came from Don Thomas but it’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication from Elaine Cox as the primary sculptor. Additional Quarry products are developed under Don’s direction at Gaylord Ho’s design studio. Elaine Cox is, according to Don, one of the two most talented sculptors he’s ever encountered. Gaylord Ho is the other, and Don feels blessed to be closely associated with both.

Quarry Critters are great to have indoors and outdoors! Some will fade if placed in the direct sunlight. We have sprayed some of ours with a protective spray, and that seems to help.

The soft, Cuddly Quarry Critters are made with a reverse printed velboa fabric, which is the softest, most touchable new fabric. The detail is wonderful and the look is very like the original Quarry Critters. These have all long been retired.












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