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Prayer Beads, Pink Rose Quartz with Wooden Beads
Round and Oblong Rose Quartz
and Wooden Beads!

Wooden beads measure approximately 1 7/8" in diameter
Oblong beads range from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" long,
and the squared sides are about 3/4" long

Round rose quartz beads are approximately 1" in diameter
We make these here ourselves.

One can use the three wooden beads at the bottom as a centering place where you can meditate for a minute or longer or say a favorite prayer.

Then you can use the six round beads on either side as a welcoming of the spirits. I have six there because I welcome the spirits from the four directions and then the upper and under worlds.

Then, from Erik Wikstrom's summation of praying, each wooden bead represents one aspect of praying: naming, knowing, loving and listening.

The first wooden bead represents naming, and then there are five oblong beads. For each one I name something I am in awe of, for example, the four elements and then technology. Or animals, birds, people, sun, mountains. You can say or think different things each time.

For knowing I ask for help in five different ways. If you have six things it's okay, you can just stay on a bead longer. But you can ask for help to be a better parent, teacher, or help with a specific task that day or afternoon.

For loving I ask for love from the spirits for five different people or animals, sometimes the people are in groups if I want to name many on a certain day. I ask that they be filled with light or that they be blessed with love or whatever comes to me as necessary for that sitting. You can meditate on each person as long or as short as you like.

For listening, one can think about becoming more aware of any messages one might receive during the day from the spirit world. As I finger the last wooden bead I listen or meditate, wondering if there is a message for me right then. Then I once again nod to the spirits in all directions and end on the centering bead again.

If you want a rosary from us with a different configuration, for example, I know some might want more beads instead of five between each wooden bead. If you email us through the contact page, we can send a quote.


Rose Quartz and Wooden Prayer Beads
Price: $28.95